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The Brilliance of BeMoved®

November 8, 2015 at 10AM-2PM

Rigby’s Jig

5470 W Broad St

Richmond, VA 23230


BeMoved with Founder and Creative Director, Sherry Zunker!

Immerse yourself in the movement, technique and style of the BeMoved dance fitness program.  Brilliance is a unique and exclusive dance intensive where participants will experience:

  1. Experience different BeMoved genres to push your workout and expand your Level I: Methodology & Level II: Artistry of BeMoved vocabulary
  2. An intimate study of the BeMoved technique with hands-on instruction and training
  3. Exclusively choreographed movement sequences designed for this workshop
  4. Intimate Q&A with Sherry Zunker

Brilliance is for everyone. Brilliance is for you!

For the novice…

This is the perfect introduction for anyone experiencing BeMoved for the first time. You will walk away knowing how to execute fundamental movements, as well as experiencing the wide variety of styles and music that BeMoved has to offer.

For the dance educator…

Experience the BeMoved methodology and witness how it can transform and transport the novice dancer, as well as, the professional.

For the BeMoved enthusiast…

You will continue to develop your movement skills in an intensive setting, where you will receive personal tutorship and learn in depth technique and style, which you can take into your future BeMoved classes to heighten the precision and effectiveness of your professional dance workout.